A brain toolkit for helping professionals.

Get started applying neuroscience to your work.

In this toolkit I've pulled together the ideas, scripts and tools I've developed in the past 25 years researching and teaching neuroscience.

This quick-start guide will expand your knowledge and get you implementing principles of brain science, neuroplasticity research, and positive psychology with your clients, patients, or students. 


Smart Brain Science

Neuroscience explanations are seductive and powerful tools for change. You'll learn how to use brain science (wisely!) to help your clients or students thrive. 

Helpful Brain Science

Designed exclusively for practitioners working in coaching, therapy, psychology and education. 

Practical Brain Science

Education has a role in emotional and behavioural change. So to begin, you’ll learn the Bottom-Up Outside-In Top-Down model to explain how the mind and brain works. 


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