In Her Head

Online professional training for coaches and therapists in the nature, nurture and neuroplasticity of the female brain. 

Course dates: Dates for 2021 TBC.


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Improve and broaden your knowledge and competence in women's brain health and neurobiology.

IHH is a continuing professional development training created for coaches, therapists, and mental health and wellbeing practitioners who work with girls and women.

Students learn through a mix of short video lectures, reading, class discussion and homework tasks.

IHH has a strong focus on weekly group discussions to consolidate learning, and to share tools, strategies and knowledge.

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5-Week Course Curriculum

In Her Head provides an overview of female brain development and ageing in sequence including: in utero, childhood, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and old age. 

Students will consider questions such as:

  • How does in-utero or early childhood trauma affect adult relationships?
  • Do expectations of gender really matter?
  • Why are girls and women more vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression than boys and men?
  • How do ovarian hormones affect brain functions such as cognition and emotion processing?
  • Why are puberty, pregnancy and menopause 'windows of vulnerability' in women's lives.
  • What causes brain fog during menopause? And does HRT help or hinder brain ageing?
  • What lifestyle approaches nurture and protect brain health?

There will be a strong focus will be on the development of health communication skills and the formulation of a 'shared language' for communicating neuroscience — an essential but often overlooked component of coach training. 

Each lesson focuses on concepts covered in The Women's Brain Book: the Neuroscience of Health, Hormones and Happiness. Click here for a detailed overview. 

How is training delivered online?

Similarly to many online courses, each lesson includes a recorded presentation, reading, worksheets and a live class discussion held weekly via Zoom.  

Unlike most online courses, there's just one short video lesson to watch for each lesson. The major focus is on the weekly class conversations and sharing of experiences and insights. 

IHH culminates in a (voluntary) student presentation on a topic of interest chosen from the curriculum. 

Making learning fun. 

With her trademark wry sense of humour, Sarah highlights key concepts, recommended implementation tasks and answers to your many questions.  Each lesson begins with a pre-recorded short 'fireside chat' (yes there is a real fireplace involved).  You'll also hear about a few intriguing behind-the-scenes conversations with scientists, doctors and and women's health experts.

For women (and the men who love them)

In Her Head is created as a professional development program — for people who work with women, love women, or who seek to understand their own life journey through the lens of neurobiology. 

Previously open to Neuroscience Academy alumni only, IHH is now open to anyone curious to learn more about the female brain. 

Certificate & Professional Development Hours

Students will graduate with a certificate of completion + approximately 10 hours CPD/CCE (ICF accreditation pending).

Who is Dr Sarah McKay?

I'm the Director of The Neuroscience Academy which has transformed the professional lives of nearly 1300 people since digital doors opened in 2015.

The Neuroscience Academy and sister programs are created to provide continuing education and training to professionals who understand using neuroscience in their work can be a powerful tool for human change. 

In Her Head has been created to share the key neuroscience concepts about  the nature and nurture of the female brain and women's health. 

IHH takes the best of The Neuroscience Academy  + dropped the hours of video lessons to create an enjoyable, practical and lean course that will take your brain science education to the next level. 


Do I need a copy of The Women's Brain Book.


And I'm probably the best person to assist with getting you a copy.

Whilst it is course requirement to have a copy of The Women's Brain Book (aka Demystifying the Female Brain), print, ebook or PDF versions are all suitable. 

Click here for links to bookstores (or email me for a PDF version ;)

In Her Head: the nature, nurture and neurobiology of the female brain.

Together we'll explore how life shapes our brains and our brains shape our lives.
Like a brain-based version of your bookclub!
Dates for 2021 TBC.

Frequently Asked Questions

$595 AUD

See here for an online currency convertor. As of June 2020 this is equivalent to ~$395 USD

The fee is inclusive of GST for Australian customers only. 

A 3x monthly payment plan of $199 AUD per month is available.

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Note: a PayPal account is required to set up automatic payments. 


Many IHH students are TNA alumni, but the 12-week program is not a requisite. 

In Her Head is open to any professional interested in expanding their knowledge about women's brain health and neurobiology. 

2 - 2.5 hours per week including reading + homework tasks + attending the 1 hour Zoom call. 


Students are asked to prepare a 5-minute class presentation on a topic of choice from the curriculum. This is voluntary, but is required for a certificate of completion. 

All Zoom calls take place on Friday AEST (Sydney, Australia) at either 9am or 8pm. 

Depending on demand, the course may run again in the first quarter of 2021, but a date is not yet finalised. 

You sure can!

Here's a link to a documentary I presented exploring brain health and longevity. 

Staying Longer for Longer: Brain

Australians catch up via ABC iView. 

Outside Australia? You can watch a version here.


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Course dates for early 2021 dates TBC.